Treating Customers Fairly

Statement of Intent

Worldwide Insurance Brokers and Advisors Ltd are committed to treating our customers fairly.  We are committed to offering our customers the highest possible standards of service.

In so doing we are pleased to support the Central Bank initiative Treating Customers Fairly. We recognise that both Worldwide Insurance Brokers and Advisors Ltd  and our customers have everything to gain if we look after you, the customer.

Your best interests are at the core of our business process and we would strive to treat you fairly in all aspects of our dealings with you.

Our responsibility to you

We will:

  • provide you with clear information about the products and service we offer, including any fees or charges
  • ascertain your individual needs, preferences and circumstances before recommending products or services to you
  • only recommend a products that have sufficient security
  • encourage you to ask if there’s something you don’t understand
  • give you access to a formal complaints procedure should you become unhappy with our services

Your Responsibility to Us

Every Proposer or Insured when seeking a new policy of insurance or cover for additional risks or renewal under an existing policy, must disclose any information that might influence the insurer in fixing the premium or determining whether to accept the risk.

Failure to do so may entitle the insurer to void cover from inception and seek payment of paid claims. If you are in any doubt as to whether information is material, you should disclose it.

Please read our Terms of Business which can be found by following this link or a printed copy is available upon request.