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Corona Virus - Covid 19 and Business Interruption Claims

We have written to all of our clients in respect of recent Court findings on Business Interruption Insurance.

The Central Bank of Ireland has set out its expectations of how regulated insurance firms should treat their customers in light of the significant economic disruption caused to clients by the Corona Virus/COVID-19 outbreak.

“Insurers must put forward consumer-focused solutions on policy wording and claims.
While most insurance policies are clear, if there is a doubt about the meaning of a term, the interpretation most favourable to the consumer should prevail”

While the Court ruling in the recent case is a positive outcome for the particular successful claimant, it had very special circumstances involved, as described in the national newspapers. This case may still be subject to appeal, and It does not automatically mean that other Insurers will be influenced by that decision, because in each policy wording and company, case circumstance will be different

Important Please Note

It is all Insurers' Current position that their policy wording was never intended to cover Business Interruption Loss arising from COVID-19 - and Individual claims presented to date have been denied by insurers on this understanding.

With the arrival of the newly named Covid -19,some Insurers, for the removal of any doubt and with effect from each client next renewal date, specifically strengthened their wordings by excluding all covers arising from the that virus.

It is therefore important to note that terms, conditions, extensions, exclusions and specific named Covid-19 exclusion dates differ across all insurer product wordings.

Claim Notifications can only be assessed based on the contract wordings applicable for a specific client on specific dates.


Since Insurers have been requested by the Central Bank to interpret their wording, where a doubt exists on cover as “most favourable to the consumer” we are providing you with an online claim submission as below.

It is difficult to anticipate each insurers objections in advance, nevertheless, we suggest that you prepare an initial brief notification of your Intention to claim for 2020 financial losses, setting out a provisional statement in respect of the headings provided for in our on-line initial notification below.

  1. We are not confirming that your claim will be successful.
  2. We believe that it is advisable to prepare and forward initial brief details of your loss, so we can present it to your Insurers and seek their response on your behalf
  3. Following completion of the form we will advise each client further in respect of any possible options available to you.

On receipt of the various responses from the Insurers concerned, we shall advise you our clients immediately

Notice Dated: 10th February 2021

Covid 19 Business Interruption Claims Notification

Details of the Closure Notification


If your business has been closed on more than one occasion, please fill in the details in the Additional Information box below, along with your estimation of the net loss incurred for each period of closure

Claims for Business Interruption

Have you had any testing carried out for the presence of Coronavirus/Covid-19 in your premises?

Have you had a confirmed case of Coronavirus / Covid-19 on your premises

Please confirm whether you have been required to close your premises for a Coronavirus related reason - if so from when, for how long and why? Have any actions been taken to minimise the loss i.e deep clean of the premises

Please provide details of how your business has been affected by Covid-19 and confirm if you are you looking to claim for losses you have suffered / are suffering, or in relation to potential future losses

Max 500 characters

Has the business received any financial support from the Government and/or your Local Authorityas a result of this disruption

Max 500 characters

Loss of Profit and /or Additional Cost of Working (After having applied the Rate of Gross Profit and Savings Deducted from your Turnover Takings - such things as: heating, lighting, telephone, office stationery, and cost costs incurred in running your business.


By typing YES in the box below, you are confirming that the information given in this is true and accurate. N.B. It is a condition of your insurance cover, that it could be voided and claims rejected if any claim is found to be fraudulent, which includes being deliberately exaggerated, or if any false declaration or statement is made in support of it.